AvivA's Mission

AvivA’s mission is to help women realise their potential so that they live a purposeful, meaningful & impactful life

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What We Believe

Believing that nothing is impossible and that we CAN! Believing that the answer to everything we need is within us.

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Who We Are

We are a community of women defined by love, passionate about good living, and desirous to positively impact on other women

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Welcome to AvivALive…The time has come and now is, for AvivALive, emerging into a world of new beginnings and beautiful living, just like the many women who will become AvivA women – strong, purposeful, focused, resilient. Ready to make an impact in spite of their seeming frailties. Breaking through limitations, perceived or real, set by themselves, those around them and the society. Women, who like the butterfly have gone through different stages in life but have come out beautiful, adding their colours to life and reaching out to each other, upholding the other, making life more meaningful and having fun together.

Michele Aiyegbusi


Founder, AvivALive

Women’s Health

With a focus on women’s nutrition, fitness, lifestyle and beautiful living trends, join us as we give tips in ensuring we live healthy and purposeful lives.


Purposeful Living

Every single one of our women have a purpose and I’d like to lead you on the path to discovering that purpose because that is where your true fulfillment lies!


Service to Others

Putting ourselves forward & reaching out to others to not only meet them at their points of need but to create experiences that will leave smiles on their faces.


Join the AvivA Women and get ready for our upcoming events

New Beginnings, Beautiful Living

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