“Live life believing that today will be better than yesterday; every day is a new gift you should be thankful for” – Michele Branco-Aiyegbusi

The worst thing that could happen to you is to be living a life that is not yours; the best thing is to awaken to this reality and start living your own” – Michele Branco – Aiyegbusi

“I have seen it work over and over again. Positive thoughts yield positive results. You are what you think. Think up the Good that you want to see in your life and it will find you” – Michele Branco – Aiyegbusi  

“What you are looking for is already around you. Build up Strength within to draw it to yourself” – Michele Branco-Aiyegbusi

“See your Purpose as the goal-post of your life and ensure that every goal you ‘shoot’ fits within the framework of your Purpose.” – Michele Branco-Aiyegbusi

“Life is a treasure; it is a gift I am truly grateful for” – Michele Branco-Aiyegbusi 

“Don’t stress. Whatever is yours, even if it looks like you’ve lost it, will always come back to you”. Wishing the AvivA Fam a beautiful day!” – Michele Branco-Aiyegbusi 

“You do not have to become someone you’re not. Become who you were already created to be. Stay true to your Self” – Michele Branco-Aiyegbusi

“I believe that no matter your circumstances, you have the Power inside of you to turn your situation around. Draw from the Stream of Life inside of you.” – Michele Branco-Aiyegbusi